FOX Wins with the Champions Finale

FOX Sports registered excellent ratings in Argentina, Mexico and Chile during the final match of the UEFA Champions League.

FOX Sports announced top ratings in Argentina, Chile and Mexico during the live broadcast of the UEFA Champions League finale between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

In Argentina, FOX Sports became the leader during the game in pay TV (P4+) and was also the number one network overall, including broadcast TV.

FOX Sports and FOX Sports 2 registered a 10.19 rating in pay TV homes, reaching over 1.5 million viewers. In addition, FOX Sports was the leader in broadcast and pay TV in Argentina during the five hours of broadcasts.

In Mexico, FOX Sports was the leader in pay TV (P4+) during the finale and the overall leader, including broadcast TV, among men 18-49 with pay TV. FOX Sports surpassed by 31% its competitors' reach in pay TV, with over 1.6 million viewers.

In Chile, FOX Sports Chile was the number one network in pay TV (P4+) and in pay TV homes, including broadcast TV networks.

FOX Sports was also the leading channel in key markets like Argentina, Mexico and Chile, among pay TV networks and homes during the special broadcast of the UEFA Champions League.

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