About US

Dear reader,

Whether you've heard from us or not, this is our first official contact. Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are SportsLatam, the first magazine specialized in the sports and media industry in Latin America.

At SportsLatam we know we have a great challenge ahead of us. Our Latin America lacks media that specializes in the business side of the sports industry like there are in Europe, where there are companies with great trajectory that work in a mature and developed market, making exchange and development of new business easy.

Inspired by this reality, we set out to build a new Latin American media platform, a tool that focuses on our continent to catch the international market's eye, presenting Latin America in a clear light. We want to consolidate an industry that already has its own identity and above all, allow those international executives who recognize it as a market with notable potential to engage with it.

We intend to be a guide, a referent to assist in the decision-making process. And for those of us sharing our home, we want to be a platform for them to showcase their business to the world.

We have a long road ahead and that's the beauty of this challenge, that we can do it together.

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