Globo Will make Rio 2016 a National Event

The Brazilian giant has prepared a complete coverage for the Olympics, including 1200 features, 9 hours of live programming a day and 16 channels, and offering all the excitement of the events online.

Just two years after the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Globo is facing the challenge of hosting yet another major sporting event in Brazil, welcoming the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

With 430 Brazilian athletes participating in the event, the Brazilian representation at the Olympics broadly surpassed soccer's, with its 23 players. Thus Globo is preparing accordingly.

"We are talking about a lot more athletes, and especially women," said Renato Ribeiro, Head of Olympics at Globo, appointed to his position as soon as Rio was confirmed as the location for the event. "The even is taking place in Rio, but our goal is to make it a national affair."

Globo's work strarted early, covering the Olympic torch relay, which is offering constant updates in the network's newscast and special editions for its future arrival in San Pablo and Rio.

Globo will cover the event, which starts on August 5, with 1200 features, 30 series, 45 classifying tests and 12 special programs devoted to the event.

The special shows include Balada olímpica, Fantastico, Journal Nacional and the docu-reality Generación 16, which has followed the efforts of 16 young Brazilian athletes hoping to make it into the event.

SporTV, with 16 channels devoted to the event, will offer Globo's main programming load, with a total of 3120 hours about the Olympics, 1102 of them, live. Moreover,, will complement the coverage with 2976 hours, 1968 of them, live. TV Globo will offer 160 hours, 110 live and 2 during primetime.

4 of SporTV's 16 channels devoted to Rio 2016 will be Premium, while the other 12 will be devoted exclusively to certain disciplines, like Athletics, Judo, Soccer, Basketball and Swimming, among others. Many of those sports (10 in total) will also feature exclusive Globo cameras.


Globo will move its studios to the Olympic village and will use the first OB-Van in 4K, with 8K technology offered by Sony to broadcast some events, including the inauguration and end ceremonies for a guest audience at the Amanha museum.

Among the more than 2000 people who will be working on the Olympics' coverage for Globo is the "Golden Team", with legendary athletes in different sports, like tennis pro "Guga" Kuerten, soccer star Juninho Pernanbucano and basketball pro Hortencia Marcari.

Analysts will be able to enjoy a renovated version of the "tactical table", which made its debut in Brazil 2014.

For the new version, Globo scanned the Brazilian athletes, to have their virtual versions in this spectacular technology that will allow them to analyze and explain tactical movements in sports like handball, volleyball, basketball or soccer.

Globo owns the exclusive rights to the Olympics until 2032.


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