ESPN expands in Medellín

The network announced its arrival in the Colombian city, along with initiatives to promote sports in the country.

In its eagerness to expand with the quality that characterizes it, ESPN announced its growth in Medellin, a city of rich history and a thriving sports gift.

"We are very excited about this opening. Medellín is a very strong and strategic place for our business, to which we want to bring the full potential of ESPN. Thus, we have selected Paula Hincapié as our office leader, for her extensive knowledge of the brands and their needs, and the local market, "said Juan Bonilla, Director of ESPN Colombia.

Accompanying this expansion, ESPN also reported that work is being done on a number of projects in Medellín, including the unique proposal of Colegios en Acción (Schools in Action), an ESPN initiative that promotes sports among Colombian youth, an event to be held on 27 and 28 of October of this year.

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