A Headline Event

Once again, Monaco becomes THE SPORTS DESTINATION.

Offering Sports Business Executives attending from the world, the right platform to meet, discuss, exchange, and close important deals with top qualified proffesionals in the sports rights arena.

In dialogue with Laurent Puons, CEO of Sportel Organization, he explains the wide range of opportunities, the media conference will bring this October.


I say that the entire convention is a “highlight”. Meaning, the enormous success during the past years; we have received an overwhelming wave of additional and new interest by participants and exhibitors. During SPORTELMonaco 2016 we already started working on the development and new design of our exhibition spaces, as we knew that new exhibitors were waiting for space in 2017” Laurent Puons stated.


At a steady pace


The convention emphasizes on providing the correct atmosphere for all the Sports industry actors. Not leaving aside, first the venue as a key environment for networking and meetings.

The new venue “Diaghilev” in the main entrance level is pretty much valued by exhibitors and participants alike.

With a significant constant grow of attendance year by year, Sportel Monaco market convention guarantees a very good balanced result equation for what Executives worldwide attending are looking for.

The creation of quite a buzz that generated the previous period ahead the market, together with the early stand booking and must attend conferences the daily program suggests, concludes on the extremely full Sportel Monaco 2017 version.


Not solely a content market


From the organizers, stands out clearly how well SPORTEL has adapted and how vast the variety of business opportunities can be found today in Monaco.

“It is not solely a content market anymore; every year we have more tech providers and more marketing agents participating, turning SPORTEL into a well rounded and balanced melting pot for sports marketing and media entities” Laurent Puons stated.


In terms of Legislation…


Due to all the constant technological developments in the industry, it is seen that the participants of SPORTEL have struggled coping with the resulting changes in contracts and legal situations.

As the organizer of the single most important sports marketing and media business platform, Mr. Pouns considers the added value and duty he has is to go beyond and offer assistance as much as possible.

The SPORTEL Law conference is designed to help and provide updates, information and insight on where law heading, what is legal and what not and furthermore how future contracts or business is dealt. The introduction of the SPORTEL Law conference also provided a new channel and opportunity to attract new participants to SPORTEL.


The BIG Databate


Debate its important in all aspects of our lives. So, here the point is why a debate on data analytics?

When asked about this, Mr. Puons simply affirmed: Because it’s important. A true professional cannot understand his business without detailed analytics on the business and the product he works with.

Data and analytics are key to successful marketing strategies and effective brand communication. Without one is simply flying blind and that is simply “business suicide”.




Big data, piracy, among others, were mainly the topics extensively presented in previous conventions, so in 2017, will be showcase them into a certain extent in the SPORTELExpert and SPORTELTech panels.

As the conference program is not as huge as the exhibition, organizers aim to present topics that are current, relevant and help the industry push boundaries. 


Must attend


SPORTEL is an historical event, every year and for nearly 30 years. It is the one convention that stands out from all other events, that provides quality, excellence and “real” business opportunities for the industry. SPORTEL is not only known to be the worlds leading networking event for the elite of this industry, but also to be a realistic "contract event”. Every year the participants confirm that the platform works and are awarded with signed contracts at the shows, which is a great compliment for the organization. Further SPORTEL always was a prestige convention. A professional that attends SPORTEL regularly is recognized and accepted different in the industry. 


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