TVE, in crisis, drifts away from sports

The new director of TVE, Eladio Jareño, said the public broadcaster will not go after the rights of Euro 2016 and isn't optimistic about the possibility of extending its agreement with the LFP beyond this season.

These are difficult times for the once proud Spanish public broadcaster. TVE faces a severe economic crisis that has ended multiple director's tenures and a large number of employs jobs, to say nothing of the ratings, which are below the 10% share.

In this context, its new director, Eladio Jareño, looked to football to paint the present picture of TVE: "Making a football metaphor: Atletico Madrid is a good team, fights a lot, has good players ... but there comes a Real Madrid or Barcelona and they buy its best players. And Atletico Madrid win titles, for sure! But wins one occasionally, while other teams get the rest. But it's there. "

TVE constraints have had much impact on their ability to compete for the rights of the most popular sport in the world. Jareño already said that the broadcaster won't try to get the upcoming Euro: "The Euro, so far, hasn't been bought by anyone because I guess they are asking a lot of money [...] We are not after the Euro. There are some competitions that we cannot have," he told Cadena Ser.

"We have to orient the theme of sport towards specific objectives: make big productions, big retransmissions, to keep alive Teledeporte continued presence with the Olympic, with women's sport ... Offering what is not shown in pay television," he added.

The new director also believes that the current contract with the LFP won't be extended beyond this season. "We are committed to this season and we will be honor it. Then we will study the conditions for entering the competition the following season. So far, the football is rather penalizing us on audience. You either broadcast the most important matches or general audiences are not good," he said.

Today TVE transmits the matches that are part of the package for broadcast TV.

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