B4 Americas, A Boutique Business

Eduardo Borges, CEO of B4 Americas, spoke about the company's strategy, which based on "prioritizing quality over quantity", seeks to "provide added value to sports products."

B4 Americas is part of B4 Capital, agency specialized in media rights distribution, media production, sponsorship, partnerships and event hosting.

Even though it owns an extensive range of media rights covering some of the world's major events, including top European and South American football club competitions and FIFA World Cup qualifiers; B4 Americas defines itself as a "boutique business", where quality comes before quantity.

"We are a boutique. We focus on quality over quantity. We have a different kind of approach," said Eduardo Borges, CEO of B4 Americas, in an interview with SportsLatAm.

"Our agency's future is to see how to develop new business and improve on the existing ones, not just sell rights. We don’t want to be just a broker, but rather provide added value to our products."

The agency seeks to generate strong relationships with its clients and provide something new. "We want to have solid relationships with specific clients and offer special content; strong long-lasting relationships," he said.

Present in multiple territories, the agency has offices in Miami, NYC, Dubai, Luxemburg and London. "The goal is to provide a different support to our clients, so they can do more than just buy rights. They have an integral support from people with the power to make decisions."

"We want to create, develop and distribute added-value sports content," he concluded.


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