Mediapro will evaluate the assets of the Uruguayan national team

The AUF announced that the consultancy is in order to know the value of its assets in the current market, assets that the AUF would then market directly.


As announced by the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Mediapro will conduct a consultancy on all areas of the organization, including audiovisual and TV rights, a difficult item in the South American country.

Through a statement, the AUF explained that "after analyzing the proposals, the Board of Directors has decided to hire the consultancy proposed by the company Mediapro to perform work in the areas of brands, sponsors and suppliers, audiovisual and TV rights, as well the marketing of friendly matches and tours of our national teams. "

It's important to keep in mind that the AUF has a long-standing agreement with Tenfield, owned by businessman Francisco Casal. This agreement has been met with enormous controversy since its signature and subsequent renovations, with its detractors considering it totally unbalanced in favor of Tenfield and well below what the AUF will get on the open market given its assets.

As an example, Tenfield is also involved in a public discussion with the stars of the Uruguayan national football team for the exploitation of their image rights.

The main man behind the original agreement within the AUF was the former president of the association and vice-president of FIFA, Eugenio Figueredo. Figueredo was one of the managers indicted for corruption during the recent FIFA scandal.

The AUF said that with the consultancy it seeks to know the value of its assets in the current market, and "also understand the best practices and strategies to monetize and market the assets of one of the world's top selections such as La Celeste."

"The commercialization of assets will be done by the AUF directly," the statement said. "Hence the importance of having the result of this consultancy and thus have all the professional tools to get the greatest resources for our national teams and strengthen the institutions that make up this association and local football."

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