ESPN Reportedly Lowered its Offer for Argentine Football

According to La Nación, ESPN is taking back its previous 3.5 billion argentine pesos offer (220 million dollars), lowering it to something "between 2.3 and 2.5 billion pesos a year."

The fight for the TV rights to Argentine soccer is adding a new episode this week, with the announcement that ESPN is reportedly lowering its offer.

According to Argentine newspaper, La Nación, ESPN changed the offer presented with Mediapro for 3.5 billion Argentine pesos (US$ 220 million), lowering it to "between 2.3 and 2.5 billion pesos a year."

Thus, ESPN is now standing in the same level as FOX and Turner, who offered 2.2 billion pesos.

One of the main obstacles for the negotiations is the Argentine clubs' request, who demand anyone who buys the rights to provide the games as part of the basic cable package, making it difficult for potential buyers to benefit.

The Argentine Football Association is also demanding "at least" 3.5 billion pesos a year for the rights.

At this time, the fight for the TV rights to Argentine football remains uncertain.

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