Rugby legend Michael Lynagh will be one of the speakers.

SportAccord Convention announces new speakers

Sir Martin Sorrell, Michael Lynagh and Gareth Capon join this year's convention, to be held next week in Lausanne.

SportAccord Convention announced that Sir Martin Sorrell, the entrepreneurial founder and CEO of WPP; Michael Lynagh, Managing Director, EMEA, Dow Jones Corporate and Former Australian Rugby fly-half; and Gareth Capon, CEO of Grabyo, the global market leader in real-time social video, will take part in this year’s SportAccord Convention in Lausanne. These speakers, brought to delegates by Dow Jones Sports Intelligence, will share their account of the Mission of Sport, the overarching theme for the conference programme.

Sir Martin Sorrell will deliver the Keynote Address on Wednesday, 20 April 2016 ahead of the Digital Summit and Plenary Conference, outlining how the recent turmoil in sport has also presented its governing bodies with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent themselves. Sir Martin said: “Sport has the ability to heal divisions, transcend differences and inspire generations. It is about belief, commitment and purpose, values that sports organisations should be building their brands around and promoting in society. From the challenges facing sport’s governing bodies, spring tremendous opportunities to rebuild, enhance reputations and adapt for the future.”

Rugby legend Michael Lynagh who has recently been appointed as Managing Director, EMEA for Dow Jones Corporate, will take part in this year’s Interview of the Day with David Eades, Journalist and Anchor, BBC World, during the Plenary Conference on Thursday, 21 April at 16.00 hours.

Gareth Capon, who brings more than 16 years’ experience in digital, mobile and television, and works with broadcasters and rights holders to maximise reach, engagement and video monetisation across social media and other digital platforms, will join panellists for the Round Table: Delivering to the Fans. This discussion focuses on what it takes to crack the code for deeper fan engagement and capitalise on the business of sport.

"The benefits that sports leagues, teams and players can gain in what is a constantly changing landscape between sport and social media is huge. Connecting fans with the latest action and providing viewable content anytime, anywhere, delivers unparalleled engagement with sports fans, unattainable through more traditional marketing approaches. Given the reach of social platforms, and the speed in which content is shared virally across networks, social media has created a new rule-book in attracting, and sustaining, a loyal global fan base. I’m looking forward to exploring how the rights holders can best deliver content to fans at SportAccord Convention.”

The Plenary Conference has established itself as the central platform for delegates to hear the latest on sport and sport business globally and is now in its 14th edition.

“Featuring a world-class speaker line-up for this year’s conference programme, we are delighted to welcome the return of Sir Martin Sorrell who was with us in Beijing and will deliver a unique perspective on the Mission of Sport, to listen to the legendary Michael Lynagh share his extraordinary story, as well as Gareth Capon, a media expert with a wealth of experience, to hear his points of view on the digital revolution which is up ending business models and creating huge new challenges and opportunities.” said Nis Hatt, Managing Director of SportAccord Convention.

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