RCN joins the Copa América Centenario 2016

The Colombian network joins the excitement of the intercontinental tournament, airing all 32 games, live from the US.

With live broadcasts from the US, RCN will bring all 32 games in this year's Copa America Centenario to fans across Colombia.

A full team of experts on Noticias RCN, led by Sports Director Andres Guerrero, will do a full coverage together with Win Sports network, broadcasting the games live.

With the hashtag #ColombiaGritaGol, RCN will be present across social networks, living the event together with the fans.

"We want to offer viewers a new way to experience the Copa America, because the fans are the most important thing. So we will be sharing emotional broadcasts that will bring them closer to our screen. We will also stream the games on www.deportesrcn.com and the RCN app, to ensure nobody misses any of the action," said Andrea Guerrero, Sports Director at RCN.

From the US, the Copa Centenario games will be presented by Ricardo Henao, Faryd Mondragón and Juan Felipe Cadavid. Comentators will be Eduardo Luis López, Jotas Mantilla and JJ Trujillo. Standing courtside will be Campo Elías Therán and Andrea Guerrero, with journalists from Noticias RCN, Jessica De la Peña, Andrea Jaramillo, Bernardo Sanabria, José Fernando Neira and Carlos Lajud.

RCN will be presenting a complete coverage of the major tournament, starting May 27 with the friendly match between Colombia and Haiti in Miami. From there, the Colombian team will move to the US to play the inaugural game on June 3.

Starting May 10, the "RCN USA Expedition" will travel through some of the main cities in the US before the Copa America Centenario begins, with special guests Andrea Jaramillo Char and Alejandro Callejas.

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