Leaving a Footprint

In exclusive dialogue with SportsLatam, Laura Cordeiro and Patricio Baigorrotegui, two of the founder members of Good Morning Sports.


A young company that in few little time has positioned itself as a referent of Sports Industry, comment us how the company was born, its projections and shared their look into the business.

 As an introduction, can you explain which Good Morning Sports offer is and how the SportsBizLatam is born?

Good Morning Sports is a young, fresh, global Sports Business agency with partners around the world that completes the most attractive networking and business opportunities platform.

We provide Sports Marketing services for companies, clubs and sports institutions. We connect the parts in the industry, guiding them and accompanying them to develop 'win-win business'.

SportBizLatam was born with the purpose of contributing to the professionalization of the sports industry in Latam. We found that there were no formal spaces for debate, interaction, connection, networking among professionals in the sports sector, with an international, formal and private nature. For 2 years SportBizLatam has been confirmed as the meeting space of the entire sports ecosystem.

How do you evaluate the results of this cycle of events in terms of business and networking? Which businesses, alliances or projects do you want to highlight?

The results are positive from the moment we have created spaces that did not exist on this scale in the region, already present in 6 countries of Latam. With a lot to grow yet, we highlight the willingness of the main players in the industry to participate, promote and support #SportBizLatam.

All that is generated are opportunities that we have capitalized on the development of new businesses, mainly in the commercial management of new services and / or technologies, regional sponsorships and important alliances as we have signed with the Johan Cruyff Institute.

The insights of the industry that we were obtaining allowed us to give birth to Sporthub: a collaborative community of Sport Business that brings together all the online content of Sports Management of the region, in a space that allows visualize and share contents, opinions and experiences. It is a way to take Congresses to the Digital environment.

Sporthub becomes a reference space for all those interested in the behind-the-scenes sports management; accessing interviews and articles where they can know: what are the marketing strategies of the clubs in the region, explained by their Managers, their Sports Management plans, according to Club Presidents, Sponsorship strategies for brands that invest in Sport, key expert opinions on Psychology and Neuroscience applied to Sport, Technology and Intelligent Stadiums, the best strategies of Fan Engagement, plans of expansion of the great European leagues in the Latin American Market and much more.

The collaborative nature of the community allows sports professionals, in addition to being consumers of that content, to become 'correspondents', that is, to produce and share their videos and interviews about different themes as influencers in the sector.

What is the general vision you have of the industry, its growth and development from your perspective as a player and articulator?

The industry is being created right now, every year huge advances are made and the speed of growth is incredible.

As all strong growth is usually disproportionate and disorderly, which give us the perfect atmosphere to land in with our congresses with the topics that really interest and mark a trend in the industry.

What should the Executive who attends SportsBizLatam expect?

 An executive who attends SportBizLatam becomes an agent of change. We are all protagonists of the future of this industry and in these Congresses we absorb knowledge, trends, success stories, etc. You can listen to speakers from both the region and the world, experts in their areas, sharing their successes and learning. But at the same time, knowledge is built. We learn in each Congress new conclusions that are drawn. And as an essential condiment, interaction, networking is encouraged. Participants can expand and enrich their network of contacts in an atmosphere of camaraderie. This brings them closer together and promotes business opportunities.

Which are GMS plans for 2018?

We aim to consolidate our regional position in Latam and strengthen the bridge that we have created with Europe, mainly focused on international business together with global brands, taking advantage of our great networking tool and industry expertise.


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