eSports: a Million-Dollar Business

With millions of dollars in prizes and advertising, slowly but surely online games are gaining ground in the world of sports.

A segment that's becoming undeniably more and more popular around the world, with professional leagues and international tournaments, eSports are becoming the perfect platform for brands and advertisers to reach young audiences.

More companies like Intel, Coca Cola or Vodafone are investing millions in the industry, but how much is online gaming actually generating?

In a ranking of the top five games that generate the most money in terms of prizes, created by, fifth place goes to Counter-Strike, with a number close to US$ 10 million.

In fourth place is its successor, CS:GO, which has awarded over 17 million dollars in prizes.

Inching closer to first place, the Top 3 is opened by StarCraft II with 19,300,000 dollars given in over 3600 tournaments.

In second place is the ever-popular League of Legends, which has awarded over 30 million dollars in prizes.

And finally in first place is Dota 2, which has organized close to 600 tournaments and given an unbelievable total of 65,063,227 dollars.

In reference, an edition of the Champions League gives its winner 15 million euros, which can increase in terms of games won and reach a maximum of 53 million.

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