ESPN Breaks Ratings Records

The network ended the fiscal year with its highest rating in history in Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Central America.

ESPN has broken numerous ratings and engagement records on television and digital platforms.

By the end of the fiscal year (Oct. 2015 - Sept. 2016), it registered the highest audience in multiple markets around the world. In addition, on digital media it established new records in terms of unique monthly users and video views.

On television, ESPN registered its highest-rated year in Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Central America.

In terms of digital media, ESPN averaged over 109 million unique users a month, setting a new record for ESPN and sports networks in general.

Fans watched over five billion hours of video on ESPN's digital platforms, with increasing views on mobile devices (42%+) versus the same period last year.

September was a month of new records for ESPN digital platforms worldwide, with over 128 million fans using ESPN on mobile devices, reaching more than 11 billion minutes and 476 million video views.

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