The Trial that Could Define the Future of Online Sports Piracy

This week in Spain marked the start of the trial facing Mediapro and GolT with Rojadirecta, the pirate link site shut down in July, 2015.

Shut down as a precautionary measure since July, 2016 in Spain, this Thursday marked the beginning of the trial against pirate site Rojadirecta, promoted by Mediapro and GolT.

The case is seen by many as a trial that could define the future of online sports piracy, not only in Spain but around the world.

The trial will determine if the pirate site has committed a crime by facilitating links to watch illegal broadcasts, or if it simply acts as a platform that allows users to do so and thus being free of guilt.

The initial statements reveal the site has generated unthinkable amounts of money while it was active, somewhere between "one and two million" euros a year, according to Roberto Freire, accounting advisor for Puerto80 Projects, only administrator of Rojadirecta.

He said the money was generated from what was grossed from companies that enable online betting.

Mediapro and GolT are demanding the website is shut down, as they understand it is breaking intellectual property laws and doing disloyal competition, although they are not demanding an economic compensation.

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