Instagram Wins the Gold for Engagement at Rio 2016

ComScore data reveals that while Facebook saw the most official content shared prior to the event, Instagram became the social media star of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The world's eyes are poised in Brazil once again as it hosts the biggest international sporting event, the Rio 2016 Olympics.

For digital users, this increased attention manifested in changes to online audiences' behavior, both in the event's official site and in the sports category, not only in Brazil, but also other regions.

Social media are a key source of communication for live events, used to provide and distribute news and information.

This time, Facebook was the leading platform to share content prior to the event, but Instagram became the social media star of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Up next, ComScore's main conclusions:

1- Latin America was the region with the largest audiences visiting the games' official site before they started. In June, Brazil ranked first in the world in Total Unique Visitors on RIO2016.COM, followed by the US and the UK.

2- With 3 million fans around the world, the Rio 2016 Facebook page increased post cadence before the Olympic games when compared to the previous quarter. Frequency grew from 47 posts per week between April and May to 55 during July 2016.

3- During July, 40% of total actions on the RIO 2016 Facebook page were generated by posts containing videos. Once the games started, posts with photos took precedence, responsible for 81% of total actions during the first weekend of the games, including likes, shares and comments.

4- 63% of official Rio 2016 social content was posted on Facebook during July. However, despite less content, Instagram was responsible for 72% of the total actions on Rio 2016 social networks during the same month.


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