Chivas TV made its debut and there's room for improvement

The Club Guadalajara's online platform offered its first game last Saturday. The club was satisfied, yet admitted to some technical difficulties.

The win 1-0 versus Monterrey was the official debut for Chivas TV, the independent online platform launched by Club Guadalajara, one of the most popular in Mexico.

The game's broadcast left the platform satisfied, while admitting to some technical flaws.

"The truth is we've paid attention to all the comments. We've come to the conclusion that 30% of our audience has negative reviews and 70% made positive remarks."

"I am still very excited, I think the quality was excellent in terms of production. It's obvious that we have some technical flaws and we are working on ways to fix them. You don't have to be alarmed, it's a process that comes with technology and that for obvious reasons has its flaws, but I insist, what was appreciated was the professional work done," he said.

"Now, that 30% is something drastic, it's not acceptable. Buying something and having it not work is delicate," he said.

Higuera said the platform surpassed 100,000 subscriptions.

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