Movistar Enters the World of e-Sports in Latin America

The operator will sponsor the gamers team KMV, becoming the first one to have an e-Sports team in the region.

Movistar announced it will sponsor KMV, the team of professional gamers that will compete in the main e-Sports tournaments in Latin America.

The operator is now the first telecommunications company to invest in e-Sports in Latin America.

KMV is a club that has several teams competing in the main gaming leagues taking place in the region, such as League of Legends (LOL), Smite, Hearthstone, Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, among others.

KMV's General Director, Francisco "R4vER" Osorio, is one of the most famous streamers and casters in Latin America, and he coordinates the teams.

With players between the ages of 17 and 24, KMV has 7 divisions of games, plus an eighth for the game Overwatch, which was recently premiered.

As part of this deal, Movistar will support the teams in all the regional and international competitions in which it participates, and promote a connection between its clients and the team through its Gaming House, a strategic training center for KMV.

Eduardo Schilling, Hispanic Content Manager at Telefónica, said: "This deal allows us to be closer to the world of e-Sports, which is proving to be the future of entertainment and is already a global phenomenon. We will provide the necessary technology, ultraband broadband and make it easy for the players to do online shopping through their Movistar account, to have the best gaming experience possible."

"R4vER" added: "Directing these teams gives me the opportunity to continue to be a part of this world that I'm so passionate about. All the players in KMV are excited and want to make history. We are happy to begin this new phase with Movistar, since in order to win at the highest levels of competition, we need technology to be on our side and Movistar is the best company for it."

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