Automatic TV in Argentina

Prom TV will be the official distributor for Automatic TV, Mediapro's advanced production system, in Argentina.

Mediapro presented Automatic TV, an automatized production system devoted to live sports coverage, with no need for human interaction and at a low cost.

Automatic TV is a smart recording tool designed for a complete coverage of sporting events. With a unique system capable of covering multiple productions that take place in the same installation, it allows the end user to configure different production styles for each sport.

It consists of a multi-cam system with three camera positions, a sound recording system and a server that makes recording possible, as well as inserting graphics, replays and live broadcasts through streaming.

Automatic TV opens an array of alternatives for users. While it's presented as a valuable tool for technicians, simplifying the analysis of each game and training session, it allows for content distribution and generates a new context to engage sponsors and brands.

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