Mediapro, Leo Messi and Phoenix Group Join Forces

The companies will develop the Messi Experience Park in Nanjing, China, with the assistance of the Argentine ace in a tribute to the beautiful game.

Phoenix Group, Leo Messi Management and Grupo MEDIAPRO have reached an agreement to create the world's finest theme park, in Nanjing (China), with the assistance of the Argentine ace in a tribute to the beautiful game.

A passion for football and the admiration for the greatest player on the planet are set to come together in the near future in Naijing (China) with the opening of the Messi Experience Park (MEP), a tribute offered to the game through the image and figure of Leo Messi in the emerging Asian market.

The MEP project, which is based around an original concept, features the most cutting-edge technology, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in all things Messi by combining the latest-generation attractions with areas in which to play football and thanks to the very best advances in content and multimedia attractions, all of which come together to create a fine natural environment in which to enjoy the sport.

The MEP will boast over 20 attractions across its 46,000m2 of indoor facilities, alongside 12.000m2 garden game areas and 25,000m2 of public space. This project represents a unique global experience, with Messi himself involved via Leo Messi Management, Phoenix Group and Grupo MEDIAPRO.

The complex is set to be opened in early 2019.

Leo Messi, the game's all-time greatest player, will bring his knowledge and the excellence gained throughout his extensive professional career, as well as his massive potential and international standing to the MEP. In this regard, the project seeks to strengthen the ties between Europe and Asia, on this occasion via the medium of sport and more specifically, through football.